• We have changed our hours of operation to allow for 2 hours of play time followed by closing for 1 hour to allow for the Jungle, seating area and washroom to be cleaned prior to our next play time block.
  • We have limited the capacity to twenty (20) children.
  • There will be extra sanitizer stations throughout the facility. Handwashing and sanitizing will be encouraged during your play time block.
  • We ask that families help to maintain social distancing while in the facility. There is enough seating to maintain distancing and children are asked to enjoy the jungle but also allow space between other children.
  • We have closed off our larger bathrooms and will only have the 1 bathroom available, to help with our cleaning process.

You can find our current prices on our home page! Click here.

We have parking available on the south side of the building.
Jungle Mania is for adults too but we ask that you still maintain social distancing while in the Jungle!  We strongly encourage parents to join their kids in the jungle or enjoy a fresh cup of coffee from our Jungle Café.  We just ask that adults also have socks.  If you forgot your socks, don’t worry as we have socks available to purchase.
With new COVID-19 measures, we thoroughly clean the jungle, toddler, and seating area every 2 hours. We continue to clean the bathroom and handwashing area throughout the day.
For health and safety reasons, we require all of our guests to wear socks on their feet at all times while playing in the Jungle and Tot area.
We require all children to be accompanied and supervised by an adult (18+) at all times.  Parents/caregivers are fully responsible for their child’s safe use of the equipment and supervision.

We only offer nut free products at our Jungle Café.  We also ask our parties and room rentals to ensure that cakes and any other treats are also nut free.

We do our best to keep our guests who have food allergies in a safe and clean environment.  For this reason, we do not allow our guests to bring in outside food if they are not with a birthday party.  Some exceptions do apply ie: baby bottles or baby food.